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New Chloe Cooley Stamp produced by Canada Post
Wednesday February 1, 2023
Many think of Canada as the place where enslaved African Americans came to find freedom, but before its abolition in 1834, slavery did exist here in Upper Canada too. For Black History month, we look at enslavement in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
The Great Seal of Upper Canada, from the NOTL Museum collection.
Thursday January 5, 2023
Assistant Curator, Shawna Butts, looks at the use of wax seals on official documents and the difference between regular and Royal or Great seals.
Skating in Simcoe Park, courtesy of Jim Smith
Thursday December 1, 2022
For December's Blog, Babs Worthy explores some of the old Christmas traditions from Niagara-on-the-Lake's past through voices of some of its long-time residents.
A photograph of the farmerettes at the Farm Service Camp, Virgil Public School, 1941.
Thursday November 3, 2022
During the First and Second World Wars, women known as "Farmerettes" were hired to participate in all aspects of farm work while men were fighting on the front. Find out more about NOTL's Farmerettes.
It's in the Cards: Margaret Peake Benton’s Secret?
Wednesday October 5, 2022
John Sayers looks at another postcard from the Burtniak Collection at the Museum. This one is by artist Margaret Peake Benton.
Restored stone of Elizabeth Kerr at St. Mark's Anglican Church, 2022.
Thursday September 1, 2022
Elizabeth Kerr is featured in the Niagara Historical Society's publication "Making Her Mark: Women of Niagara-on-the-Lake". In 2022, the NOTL Museum funded the restoration of Elizabeth Kerr’s cemetery stone at St. Mark’s Anglican Church.