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The NOTL Poppy Project

In 2020, the Niagara Falls History Museum collected thousands of crochetted and knitted poppies from around the world - over 11,000 of them!  After developing their display, they donated some of their leftover poppies for us to contine the movement in Niagara-onthe-Lake.

We gathered our own team of local volunteers and started working on the project in August 2021.  The energetic group decided to add more poppies to the approximately 1,600 we had been given, including some made of fabric to create a poppy garden. The new poppies were hand-made by our volunteers and the installation was designed by them with museum staff. Even the 1st NOTL Rangers (Girl Guides) helped us attach poppies to the netting! 

A very special thanks goes to Davey Tree Expert Company who donated their crew for the day to trim some trees and attach the installation to the bell tower of our 1875 building (the old Niagara High School), and for sponsorship from the St. David Lion's Club. 



  • 40 volunteers
  • 1,000+ hrs
  • 3,500+ poppies
  • 9,000+ zip ties
  • Days of laughter and remembrance


 Our Amazing Volunteers:

  • Carol Allen
  • Chris Allen
  • Denise Ascenzo
  • Faith Bell
  • Peggy Bell
  • Julie Bonnell
  • Yvonne Causer
  • Catherine Clarke
  • Nick Clemens
  • Briar Collins
  • Claire Gregory
  • Jean Grimble
  • Janet Guy
  • Maggie Hanmerling
  • Sue Henry
  • Joan Hill
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Ann Judd
  • Heloise Kachauer
  • Melanie Kelch
  • Paulette Kennedy
  • Pat Klotz
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Joyce Loewen
  • Mariitta Maavara
  • Nancy Macri
  • Terry Mactaggart
  • Marie Marozzo
  • Arlene McGuire
  • Pauline Meyler
  • Pam Mundy
  • Kathy O'Marra
  • Deborah Paine
  • Audrey Pellet
  • Gail Santsche
  • Sue Sherk
  • Stephen Shinn
  • Dee Steele
  • Jennifer Stevens
  • Dale Stuteley
  • Sandra Sutherland
  • Margaret Teare
  • Judy Thornton
  • Margret Walker
  • Barbara Webber