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The second Court House where the Solomon Moseby Affair took place.
Thursday February 8, 2024
The following was written by Natasha Henry-Dixon for our publication “Making Her Mark”.

Natasha is an assistant professor of African Canadian History at York University. The 2018 Vanier Scholar is researching the enslavement of Black people in colonial Ontario. She has been an educator for 24 years, teaching kindergarten through to university. Natasha is an award-winning author and an award-winning curriculum developer, focusing on African Canadian experiences.
Leave pass - 2012.028.001
Thursday January 4, 2024
Historian Ron Dale explains the use of leave passes during the War of 1812 using a rare example of one from the Museum's collection signed by William Claus.
Engraving from the Illustrated London News showing Queen Victoria and Prince Albert around the Christmas tree, 1848, England © British Library Board. P.P.7611
Thursday December 7, 2023
Sarah Kaufman explores some early Upper Canadian Christmas traditions including how Christmas was celebrated here in Niagara during the War of 1812, and how traditions changed over the 19th century.
Union Jack Canning Label
Wednesday November 8, 2023
Volunteer and ephemera collector, John Sayers, digs into the history of the Union Jack Canning Co. after seeing a stack of canning labels that were donated to the Museum.
Freemasonry In Upper Canada
Thursday October 12, 2023
Our summer Program Assistant, Robyn Weishar, delves into the history of Freemasonry in Upper Canada.
Niagara Reporter article, Sept 14, 1837
Tuesday September 12, 2023
On this Day, September 12, 186 years ago, the government of Upper Canada instructed that Solomon Moseby, a freedom seeker, be handed over to American authorities to face charges of horse theft.