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Society Publications

NHS Publication #21
(Reprint of Vol. 7)
NHS Publication #22
Some Graves in Lundy's Lane
NHS Publication #23
Fort Niagara
1812 Letters
Steamer Chicora
NHS Publication #24
Catalogue of Articles in Memorial Hall 1911
NHS Publication #25
Laura Ingersoll Secord, by Mrs. E.J. Thompson
Laura Secord Monument at Lundy's Lane, by Miss Janet CarnochanQueenston in Early Years, by Janet Carnochan
Diary of a Prisoner in Red River Rebellion, 1869-1870, by Mr. Henry Woodington
NHS Publication #26
Notes on the History of the District of Niagara 1791 - 1793
NHS Publication #27
Names Only but much more
No. 1 Company Niagara
NHS Publication #28
Correspondence of Hon. William Dickson with General Dearborn, 1813
Reminisences of Mrs. Edward Pilkington
Secord Papers
Francis Goring
Recollections of War of 1812 of Hon. James Crooks
Reminisences of Michael D. Gonder
Dr. Cyrus Sumner
Mrs. Bell, A Pioneer Heroine
Royal Canadian Rifles at Hudson Bay
Adam Vrooman
Niagara Camp, 1915
NHS Publication #29
The Niagara Frontier 1837 to 1838
NHS Publication #30
Some Notable Results of the War
Hon. Wm. Dickson
NHS Publication #31
Letters of 1812
Brock's Monument, 1849
Katherina Haideen
Appreciation of Lt. W.J. Wright, M.A.
Emigrants of 1847 in Niagara
U.E. Loyalists Inscriptions
NHS Publication #32
Notes on Niagara 1759 - 1860
NHS Publication #33
Notes on the Invasion of the Niagara Peninsula
NHS Publication #34
Whose Debtors We Are
NHS Publication #35
Capt. Hamilton
Polish Forces
Rev. Addison
Rev. Burns
NHS Publication #36
Fifty Years of Peach Culture
NHS Publication #37
U.E. Loyalists
Rev. Hooker
Women's Institute
NHS Publication #38
Records of Niagara 1778 to 1783
NHS Publication #39
Records of Niagara 1784 to 1787
NHS Publication #40
Records of Niagara 1784 to 1789