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Virtual Lecture

Wednesday, Feb 28th - Wednesday, Feb 28th
Starts: 11:00 AM | Ends: 12:00 PM
One Time Event

Join us on Zoom for a series of six virtual presentations in January & February 2024.

FEBURARY 28: Historically Hysterical 2 presented by Shawna Butts

Join us for a captivating, funny, and sometimes downright infuriating journey through the history of women’s health and healthcare from the time of Hippocrates to today. In this illuminating lecture, our Assistant Curator, Shawna Butts, will unravel the mysteries, triumphs, and occasional absurdities that have shaped the incredible history of women's well-being. She will delve into some of the scientific advancements in women’s health, and how the complex layers of medical and societal attitudes have resulted in ingrained biases, gaslighting, and inequalities that have shaped the evolution of women’s health and healthcare across the ages.

Please note that this lecture is back by demand. Shawna gave this talk as part of our in-person lecture series in 2023.

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