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Friday, May 3rd - Friday, May 3rd
Starts: 10:00 AM | Ends: 12:00 PM
One Time Event

February - May 2024 on the First Friday of the Month
Theme:  “Transformation” -  in its many guises, disguises, and choices
Watch the videos in your own time, and join the Zoom discussions on Friday mornings at 10am.
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May 2024 
Zoom Discussion:  Friday, May 3, 2024

Spycraft (2021)
Directors: Maria Berry, Jan Spindler, Marek Bures
Netflix Original 
Watch 3 episodes: total running time: 98 mins (on Netflix) 

 An entertaining overview of the world of intelligence, geopolitics and the cloak and dagger technologies that enable governments to keep track of their adversaries, foreign or domestic, "friends" or enemies alike. This 8-part series looks at the last century and is dedicated to topics that include clandestine collection techniques, covert communications, counterintelligence, codebreaking, and all that James Bond ‘stuff’. Stock footage is combined with re-enactments and expert interviews to paint the picture of how intelligence-gathering has changed over the years, but, surprisingly, in many ways has stayed the same. This series has mixed review but is worth watching for the shock value alone. 

i: High-Tech Surveillance and an Eye in the Sky
Runs: 29 mins
In the spy game, listening, learning and gaining the ability to eavesdrop requires ingenuity. 

ii: Sexspionage
Runs: 33 mins
As long as there has been espionage, sex and the promise of it have been powerful tools of persuasion and blackmail. 

iii: Clandestine Collection
Runs: 36 mins
Methods for covertly capturing sensitive data have grown infinitely more advanced as the devices used to do so have become exponentially smaller.