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Society Publications

NHS Publication #1
The Battle of Fort George
NHS Publication #2
Centennial Poem
Fort Niagara
A Slave Rescue in Niagara Sixty Years Ago
NHS Publication #3
The Blockade of Fort George
The Battle of Stoney Creek
NHS Publication #4
U.E. Loyalists
History Taught in Museums
Queenston Heights
NHS Publication #5
Sermon by Rev. Robert Addison: Relating to issues during the War of 1812
History of Mrs. Jean Baptiste Rousseaux: Revolutionary War, First Nations, Geneology, Niagara, Kingston
Historic Houses: The Servos Homestead, McFarland House, Field House
Evolution of an Historical Room: Funding, evolution, the Court House, donations to the collection with historical notes.
NHS Publication #6
Niagara Library 1800 to 1820
Early School of Niagara
NHS Publication #7
Historic Forts
(reprinted as Vol. 21)
NHS Publication #8
The Servos Family By William Kirby, F.R.S.C.: Immigration to America, The French and Indian War, The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, North West Rebellions
The Whitmore Family By William Kirby, F.R.S.C.: The Revolutionary War, The Burning of Niagara, The Capture of Fort Niagara
The Jarvis Letters By Miss M.A. FitzGibbon
Robert Land, U.E. Loyalist By John H. Land: The Revolutionary War, Early Settlement in Niagara
NHS Publication #9
Campaigns of 1812 to 1814
NHS Publication #10
Inscriptions and Graves in the Niagara Peninsula (Reprint as #19)
NHS Publication #11
Reminiscences of Niagara
NHS Publication #12
The Battle of Fort George, Reprint.
NHS Publication #13
A Canadian Heroine
Historic House
Names Only
St. Vincent de Paul Church
NHS Publication #14
Letters of Mrs. William Dummer Powell 1607 - 1821
NHS Publication #15
Sir Isaac Brock
Count de Puisaye
Tributes to Mrs. Green and Wm. Kirby
NHS Publication #16
Report of the Opening of Memorial Hall, June 4th, 1907
The Early Legislators of Niagara District
The Evolution of Our Historical Building
A Few of the Most Interesting Articles in Memorial Hall
Receipts- Contributions to the Building Fund
NHS Publication #17
Ten Years of the Colony of Niagara 1780 - 1790
NHS Publication #18
Early History of St. Mark's
Reminiscent Papers, No. 1
Soldier Pensioners
Early Shipbuilding
Robert Gourlay
NHS Publication #19
Inscriptions and Graves in the Niagara Peninsula (Reprint of #10)
NHS Publication #20
Reminiscences of the Fenian Raid 1866 By Charles Hunter
Reminiscences of Niagara and St. Davids By Mrs. J. G. Currie
Canadian Confederation in the Making with some Glimpses at the Confederation By Rev. A. F. MacGregor, B. A.
Translation of Part of the Journal of Thomas de Boucherville
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